Futures   |   4 July 2017 | 62 Views
10 Things To Know To Start Investing At 18: Part 2

Continued from Part 1 6. Don’t worry about having to pick out your stock one by one on your own – this is what mutual funds are for. Instead of breaking your head over which stock to buy, you can buy into a mutual fund that already did all that work for you. You may…

Futures   |   4 July 2017 | 26045 Views
The bear and the bull: the very basics of the stock market investment

Are you eager to learn how to make money in stocks? You want to learn about the best stocks to buy now? Well, making money through stock market investment is not easy and simply learning a few tricks will make you more vulnerable to losing your trading capital quickly. Just because you failed in making money…

Futures   |   4 July 2017 | 62 Views
Should I roll my 403(b) into a single low-cost index fund?

So I’m very close to pressing capital one investing’s big green button and beginning the process of rolling my 403(b) into a rollover ira, but I have one more question to answer: where do I put the money? Should I stick all $42K into the same low-cost index fund, or should I split it among a…

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