Tweaking of the portfolio to suit market trends is the key to success in stock market trading in 2017 and expert opinions can really help you to make a killing on your investments

In this article, we are going to find out the best stocks to buy now and how 2017 is going to pan out for the stock market traders. Just like making money on the internet, you can always do well with some tips from experts when you are eager to learn how to make money in stocks this year.

Without much ado let’s look at some of the expert advice and tips that you can put to use this year:

Health care reforms and tax cuts – Consumers are going to enjoy greater savings this year as the current Republican regime is all set to initiate health care reforms and tax cuts. Thus, we can witness lenient regulations, higher spending on infrastructure and more tax cuts this year, which is going to give a boost to capital spending and better job creation. Thus, several healthcare companies are going to take a beating by the repealing of acts like Obamacare. It is advisable to include stocks of companies like Pfizer, Merk & Co. etc.

Higher infrastructure spending – The markets are rallying at this point because investors believe that the high infrastructure spending is going to increase further. There are lesser chances of a trade war because the Trump administration is going to clamp down the Federal Reserve. Infrastructure is definitely the best stocks to buy now. The momentum is going to take the market ahead and you can make quite a few thousand dollars by including stocks of infrastructure companies in your portfolio.

Include diverse stocks for success – You will need to include diverse stocks in your portfolio this year because bond indices and benchmark stocks aren’t going to make the best combination owing to policy uncertainties. You can include some bond alternatives like preferred stocks, high-dividend stocks, real estate investment trusts and master limited partnerships. You must have a 10% to 15% of your portfolio as cash and that can act as hedge.

This year is going to be extremely unpredictable owing to the regime change in the White House and caution is probably the flavor of the season. As an investor, you can consider including blue chip stocks along with a good mix of health care and technology companies.